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Veronica Henson

Verónica Henson, a native Costa Rican, will be our new Spanish instructor. Verónica has 30 years of teaching experience in the school setting as well as in her own dance academy. She taught Pre-K and Kindergarten in private schools in Costa Rica. Simultaneously, she ran her own dance academy where she also trained students in modeling and etiquette. Verónica has multiple degrees including a Bachelors in Marketing and Journalism, a Bachelors in Pre-School Education and a Licentiate Degree in Pre-School Administration. She has a mastery of the Spanish language and a Journalism Degree which have required writing skills that most do not obtain in other programs. Verónica is married to John Henson and lives in Christiana, along with her two children, Daniel and Maria.

Current Classes Instructed by Veronica Henson
Spanish: Beginner 4th-12th (closed)
Spanish: Intermediate 4th-7th (closed)
Spanish: K-3rd (closed)