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Music Classes for 2019-2020

Please Note: Class and Supply Fees listed cover Spring Semester 2020 from January to May 2020. All classes meet for 50 minutes at a time for 14 weeks. Please see our dates & schedules.

Course Syllabus: To download & view the course syllabus in each class you must login, go to the registration page and click on the name of the class to expand the information and click "view course syllabus".

Secure Forum: All MHS classes have a secure interactive forum to communicate with tutors, parents and classmates. Tutors will use this platform to communicate about classwork and assignments.

Parents and students access the forum by signing into the website using the username(s) & password(s) created on the membership form and clicking on "forum".

Assignments: All homework/extension work/project homework assigned will be posted on the interactive course forums.


Creative Musicianship: 4 - 7 years old

This class will develop basic musicianship skills through listening, singing, drumming, and movement. Each class meeting will have an academic component, a skill building activity, and a performance component. For example we may spend one class period learning about call and response technique by listening to Cab Calloway’s “Hidey-hi,” playing a call and response rhythm game, and then singing a classic folk song that incorporates the technique. Students will also periodically be given the opportunity to create their own compositions using techniques learned in class.

Pre-Requisites: No previous experience is required, just a willingness to listen, try new things, and have fun making music.

Class Fee: $125

Supply Fee: $5