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Registration for 2020-2021 is OPEN for NEW & Returning Families until June 1st 2020!

About Us

At Murfreesboro Homeschoolers (MHS) we provide tutorial classes, cooperative classes and educational activities for home schooled children in preschool through high school as well as support for homeschooling families in Middle Tennessee.

We strive to foster creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and problem-solving by empowering students to take ownership of their education and commit to lifelong learning.

Please visit our Handbook for more information about MHS and sign up to meet with our leaders to see if our organization is a wonderful fit for the needs of your family.

Come Visit & Learn

Join Us for an Information Meeting & Tour Soon!

Learn about homeschooling and how our educational organization

can help with your homeschooling journey!

Plus meet some of our amazing tutors and ask questions about classes!

Mondays from 10:30 am to 12 pm

Sign Up to attend on our website calendar HERE!

How to Join MHS

  • Please follow the link and fill in our simple online Membership Request Form.

  • Once your $10 is received we will approve your request and give you access to the MHS website to register for your membership type.

  • Once approved, login and visit our "how to register" page for detailed instructions.

  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping however we can!

Top 3 Questions About Homeschooling

1. Is it Legal?

YES! In all 50 states of the USA, homeschooling is legal! Each state has their own laws, HERE are the state of TN homeschooling laws. This link explains the three types of homeschooling in Tennessee: Independent Home School, Church-Related Umbrella School & Accredited Online School.

2. Am I Qualified?

All you need is a High School Diploma or GED to legally home school your children in the state of Tennessee.

3. What about Socialization?

This is where MHS can help on so many levels! Our tutorial classes, cooperative classes, field trips and events are the perfect solution for socialization, education and building relationships for homeschooling students and their families. At MHS we bridge the gap between homeschooling and public/private school by organizing events and field trips on top of our wonderful selection of tutorial and cooperative classes. Our Semester Showcases at the end of each semester give the children an opportunity to create projects to put on display and do performances for family and friends to enjoy.


March 30 - Monday
April 3 - Friday
April 6 - Monday
08:10 AM - 02:05 PM


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