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MHS Handbook

About Our Organization

  • Murfreesboro Homeschoolers (MHS) began organizing in 2015.

  • Murfreesboro Homeschoolers Tutorial (MHS) is a hybrid educational program for homeschooling students in Middle Tennessee.

  • We provide tutorial classes and educational activities for home schooled children as well as support for homeschooling families.

  • We strive to foster creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and problem-solving by empowering students to take ownership of their education and commit to lifelong learning.

  • MHS is organized exclusively for educational purposes as described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future tax code.

Class Policy

  • MHS is an inclusive community and educational organization that respects all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Therefore, our classes and clubs are taught with mindfulness and respect of sensitive topics.

  • MHS tutorial classes are taught by degreed professionals with knowledge in education or their specific subject area.

  • MHS does not issue credit or grades. Parents/Guardians may contact tutors for suggested grades.

  • Core subject tutorial classes including Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language will assign homework/extension work/project homework. Math curriculum is not provided but can be suggested upon request. Each student is expected to bring their own math curriculum to class.

Weather & Class Cancellation Policy

  • MHS follows the severe weather cancellations of Rutherford County Schools to protect the safety of all members of our community.

Fees Policy

The relationship of MHS with its families is based on mutual trust. MHS is committed to preserving the interests of families to whom we provide services.  All fees are used to provide services to families and as such, are integral to annual planning of services, events, venue, and other expenses related to providing such services. Therefore, when fees are not paid in a timely manner, it places the organization at a disadvantage.

MHS has an annual tuition for each academic year from August through May. In addition, classes may require purchased texts and supplies.

  • When you register for tutorial classes at MHS, you are entering a contractual agreement to provide payment for services.

  • Payment is due whether you use the services or not, since they are paid for by the organization at the beginning of the semester, based on registration numbers.

  • All fees are due by invoice dates.  No exceptions.

  • All MHS fees are Non-Refundable.

  • You must login each month and pay your invoices manually. You can find them by logging in and clicking on "Accounting" and then "Invoice & Payment Details".

  • All payments must be made via our online payment system on the website.

  • In cases where fees are not paid on time, you may be asked not to return to MHS until fees are paid.

  • Due to the fact that classes are contingent on meeting minimum required students, invoices will only be adjusted if a class gets canceled.

Explanation of Fees:

  • Annual Tuition: This fee pays for expenses including but not limited to the cost of the classs, compensation for the tutor, administrative expenses, insurance and marketing.

  • Returned Check Fee: $25 - First Returned Check, $35 - Any Additional Returned Checks

Snacks & Lunch Policy

Participants need to bring their own drinks, snacks, and lunch to MHS each class day. Please notify the director of any serious food related allergies.

Illness Policy

Do not bring your children to MHS if they have the following:

  • Fever over 99 degrees Fahrenheit within the last 24 hours
  • Colored Mucus (yellow or green runny nose)
  • Sore Throat, Croup Cough or Non-Stop Coughing
  • Diarrhea, Vomiting or Nausea
  • Rashes or Ring Worm
  • Head Lice
  • Anything Contagious you are aware of

Our Pledge to You:

As a community based not for profit organization, MHS’s relationship with our families is critical to our success. We welcome families from all walks of life and will do our best to provide them with a safe and enjoyable environment and high quality educational programs. As an employer, MHS is responsible to provide our employees with a rewarding, challenging and safe work environment. For that reason, MHS has expectations of our families and employees in the day to day operations.

Student Code of Conduct

  • I agree to only use appropriate/kind words towards my peers and adults.
  • I agree to only use appropriate/kind words when speaking about others.
  • I agree to keep my hands to myself and not use harmful force against my peers.
  • I agree to be respectful of other children and adults in my presence.
  • I will come to my classes prepared to participate and have fun.
  • I will follow all instructions given by my tutors.
  • I will ask for help from a tutor/adult if I have questions or concerns.
  • I will not interrupt other classes/tutors.
  • I will not enter or leave the building unless accompanied by an adult.
  • I will remain in my designated classrooms during classes I am enrolled in.
  • I will respect the property of MHS.
  • I will WALK at all times while in the building.
  • If I should have a conflict or feel uncomfortable, I will seek the help of a tutor or supervisor.
  • If I have a conflict that needs attention I will email MHS or contact a member of leadership after class that day.

Family Code of Conduct

  1. Treat fellow families and MHS staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy. Unsociable behavior, including harassing other clients or staff, is not acceptable.

  2. Meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene or dress, in the interests of your health and safety and the interests of other clients/families using MHS facilities. Refrain from use of perfumes or colognes that may affect others.

  3. Respect the needs of other families for enjoyment of the programs and facility. Disruptive behavior and excessive noise are not acceptable.

  4. Take care of the facility, equipment and furniture. These are community assets that are meant to be shared.

  5. In our programs, respect our snack and lunch policy. For registered programs, participants will be informed of any food or drink restrictions that may apply to ensure the safety of those suffering from allergies.

  6. Keep valuable items with you at all times. MHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  7. Maintain confidentiality of other families and staff.

  8. Avoid gossip and speaking badly of others.

Refusal of Service:

Individuals in all families have a responsibility to be respectful and considerate of other family members, employees and volunteers of MHS. While we will make every effort to work with families to continue to provide classes, failure to respect the code of conduct may result in suspension or refusal to serve.

Individuals may be refused service:

  1. When a staff member and an employee agree that an individual has acted in contradiction to the above code of conduct.

  2. When an individual threatens or harms fellow group members, or is disruptive to the group’s ability to function.

  3. When any individual behaves violently.

  4. When any individual is threatening or obscene in interaction with employees, volunteers or other family members.

*Suspension of service or a refusal to serve is at the discretion of the Executive Director of MHS.

Discipline Policy

We are asking all parents, caretakers, tutors & students to inspire positive behavior in our community while taking part in classes and activities at MHS. Our goal is to provide a welcoming feeling and positive learning environment for everyone. In order to ensure this MHS has adopted the following policies:

NO TOLERANCE to the Following:

  • Open Disrespect
  • Profanity
  • Crudity
  • Verbal Harassment
  • Physical Harassment
  • Damage to MHS Property

Behavioral Honor System

Parents and children who witness any inappropriate behavior by another parent or child are asked to contact the Director with an incident report within 24 hours.

We understand that during class time or activities some children may feel uncomfortable approaching a tutor or another adult about an incident; therefore, parents/caretakers please ask your child to report any unwanted situations to you.

Each tutor will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct in his/her own class and parents will be notified in writing if the situation cannot be rectified with a simple request.

If a behavior or conduct problem arises tutors are asked to correct students gently using the following progression of consequences:

· 1st offense: Give verbal reminder of what the child is expected to do

· 2nd offense: Give verbal warning. Child will be asked to move to another seat or area.

· 3rd offense: Notify parent/guardian and have child removed from the class or activity immediately. Child may not return to class that day.

*** Before the following class day; parent, child, MHS officer & tutor must come to an agreement about expected behavior. If the behavior does not improve after discussions, the tutor can request that the child does not return to the class for the remainder of the year. No refund will be given.***

***Behavior that does not improve after three incidents that require parental/caretaker/supervisor removal will be grounds for un-enrollment from some or all classes.***

Tutors may not make special accommodations to ensure a child behaves appropriately in their class beyond typical classroom management techniques generally applied in similar situations.

Consequences for verbal/physical harassment, damage to MHS property, profanity, crudity, open disrespect, because of the nature of the offense and the influence on other children, are more severe, as follows:

· Parent/caretaker/supervisor must remove child from the class, club or activity IMMEDIATELY. Child will not be allowed to participate in any further activities that day and parent/guardian must come pick child up immediately.

· Repeat offenses result in not allowing the child to participate in the group with NO refund.

Tutors are aware that children need time to adjust to the characteristics of classroom/group instruction. We will encourage tutors to keep the lines of communication open with parents/caretakers about the progress of their child(ren).

If parents/caretakers will keep us informed of any concerns or problems, we will be able to work together to create a safe and rewarding atmosphere for all participants.

Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy will outline the rules regarding conflict of interest and the responsibilities of employees, clients and the company in resolving any such discrepancies.

Basic Purpose & Objective

Conflict of Interest Policy refers to any case where a person’s personal interest might contradict the interest of MHS. This is an unwanted circumstance as it may have heavy implications on the person’s judgment and commitment to MHS, and by extension to the realization of its goals.


This MHS conflict of interest policy applies to all prospective or current employees of MHS, families to whom MHS provides services and any persons acting on behalf of MHS.

Policy Elements

The relationship of MHS with its employees and families should be based on mutual trust. MHS is committed to preserve the interests of people under its employment, as well as families to whom we provide services. As such, it expects them to act only towards its own fundamental interests. Conflict of interest may occur whenever a person’s interest in a particular subject may lead them to actions, activities or relationships that undermine MHS and may place it at a disadvantage.

What is conflict of interest?

This situation may take many different forms that include, but are not limited to, conflict of interest examples:

· Using your position with MHS to your personal advantage

· Engaging in activities that will bring direct or indirect profit to a competitor

· Owning shares of a competitor’s stock

· Using connections obtained through MHS for your own private purposes

· Using MHS equipment or materials to support an external business

· Acting in ways that may compromise the company’s legality (e.g. taking bribes or bribing representatives of legal authorities)

The possibility that a conflict of interest may occur can be addressed and resolved before any actual damage is done. Therefore, when you understand or suspect that a conflict of interest exists, you should bring this matter to the attention of management so corrective actions may be taken.

The responsibility of resolving a conflict of interest lies with management. All conflicts of interest will be resolved as fairly as possible. The Human Resource manager has the responsibility of the final decision when a solution cannot be found. In general, you are advised to refrain from letting personal and/or financial interests and external activities come into opposition with the fundamental interests of MHS.

Note: The same principles apply to MHS in regards to its clients. When applicable, we are committed to not offer services or form partnerships with those who are in direct competition with MHS.

Disciplinary Consequences

In cases when a conflict of interest is deliberately concealed or when a solution cannot be found, disciplinary action may be invoked up to and including termination of employment, services, or both.

Dissolution Policy

Upon the dissolution of MHS, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding sections of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government for a public purpose. Any such assets not disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction in the county in which the principal office of the organization is then located, exclusively for such purposes of to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

Policy for MHS Social Media Channels

MHS recognizes the importance and benefits of communicating through social media. Social media is a powerful vehicle through which MHS may disseminate relevant news to its community, connect with our parents online, and build goodwill. Social networks and other online media are great tools for engagement and two-way communication, but there is the potential for significant risks associated with inappropriate use. Legal responsibilities and policies remain in place when you use our official social media.

Audience for this Policy

This policy is intended for all students, parents, tutors or board members who contribute to official MHS social media channels, which are defined as channels that speak on behalf of MHS. These include, but are not limited to, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Policy for Social Media Channels at MHS

This policy applies to all MHS students, tutors, member parents and all board members who use MHS social media sites/pages. Social media channels can include blogs, wikis, social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), and other media yet to be developed in a dynamic communications field. This policy only applies to those individuals when they are posting on such official sites and/or when they otherwise speak as an authorized representative of MHS. It does not apply to other social media communications and postings that such individuals may make on personal social media sites so long as such communications do not indicate that the individual is speaking on behalf of MHS.
This is intended to be a living document, which will reflect MHS’ current needs and may adjust to future changes in social media.


Do not post confidential or proprietary information about MHS, or MHS members, tutors or board members that would violate such persons’ rights to privacy under applicable federal and state laws and regulations.


Do not post anything to an official social media channel that should not be shared publicly. In particular, do not discuss a situation involving named individuals on a social media site without their knowledge or permission. Keep in mind that for reasons of privacy or security some students may not want it publicly known where they attend classes. Never share addresses or other private information. Remember that whatever you share may be public for an indefinite period of time, even if you attempt to modify or delete it.

Best Practices

When you have questions about the appropriateness of content for posting, take a moment to think about what you are posting before you hit the publish/post button. If you unintentionally post something online that is incorrect, correct it visibly and publicly as quickly as possible. Doing so will earn you respect in the online community. Use of social media on an official MHS channel must be managed responsibly because it reflects on MHS, its students, members, its leadership team and its tutors.

To both protect the MHS name and build trust with users, social media such as blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc. that are established on behalf of MHS should be explicit regarding the nature of the relationship of such media to MHS. Similarly, in keeping with MHS’ non-profit status, social media should not be used for any private business or financial transactions including revenue from advertising, nor should any staff with administrative responsibilities realize any personal monetary profit from MHS-related social media. Social media may be used for fundraising as long as a transaction does not occur on the social media platform itself.

Content shared via official MHS social media channels, as well as pages or accounts that these channels like or follow, should reflect the mission and values of MHS. MHS accounts should refrain from posting content and liking or following users or pages that reflect personal interests or that may be in conflict with MHS’ mission or values.

MHS accounts should encourage engagement and interaction with and among followers; however, they reserve the right to remove content that is spam, commercial, obscene, harassing or derogatory. If the social network allows for it in the “Bio” or “About” section, official accounts should post a disclaimer similar to this: “Third-party posts on this wall do not imply endorsement of that content by MHS. We reserve the right to remove content that is spam, commercial, obscene, harassing, and/or derogatory.”

Use of the MHS Name

Use of the MHS image or wordmark as a profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account is not allowed.


MHS accounts must follow the laws regarding Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials when posting intellectual property, including photos and videos, online.

Materials posted online should be your property, in the public domain, have a Creative Commons license, or fall under fair use. For all other instances, you should seek permission from the copyright holder.

When possible, best practice is to include credit/attribution.

Terms of Service

MHS social media accounts must follow the Terms of Service set forth by the social media channels they are using.(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo)

Best Practices

Failure to follow best practices as outlined in this policy to the detriment of the organization may result in, but not be limited to, exclusion from official MHS social media lists or platforms and possible deactivation or deletion of the offending account. Deactivation and deletion will be carried out by the director or the highest ranking officer.

Inactive Accounts

Social media channels at MHS must be continually updated and monitored. Accounts that have been inactive for more than one month may be subject to deactivation or deletion. Deactivation and deletion will be carried out by the director or the highest ranking officer.

*** This document and content is property of Murfreesboro Homeschoolers and may not be copied or reproduced. ***

*** As we grow these policies and procedures are subject to change. ***