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Math Tutoring

Secure Forum: All MHS classes have a secure interactive forum to communicate with tutors, parents and classmates. Given the nature of math tutoring, individual communication is done via email to the parents.

Parents and students access the forum by signing into the website using the username & password created on the membership form and clicking on "forum".

Assignments & Supplies: Students must bring their own math curriculum, calculator and any specialty required tools in Middle and High School. Class supplies required in Elementary will be posted on the forum throughout the year.

Math Lessons & Tutoring (3rd - 6th) (30 min lesson & 50 min tutoring) (Tues & Thurs 9:30 - 10:50 AM)

The wonderful world of numbers and patterns is all around us. In this course we will use cuisenaire rods along with some other manipulatives to discover math! We will also begin our class with math memory work. I want to make sure no one who leaves my classroom can’t make change or figure out percentages off in their head. Afterwards, I will circulate helping each child with their individual curriculum. If you are new, and wanting guidance with a curriculum, I strongly suggest Singapore Math. 

Math Tutoring (7th - 12th) (Tues & Thurs 8:30 - 9:25 AM) (Credit is dependent on students completing their curriculum)

Math Tutoring is an opportunity for students to receive concentrated help with specific math concepts.  How this time is used is completely driven by student feedback and need. Please understand the more information the student can provide about the problems they are having, the more efficient the tutoring time will be spent. Each student must bring their own textbooks/workbooks for the math tutoring.

Recommended Texts: You choose the math texts to send with your child for class. We have have had success with Singapore Math Primary Mathematics US Edition; Textbook, Workbook & Answer Key.

Texts are available used through Amazon.com and other sources.  Please note that there are two volumes to each Singapore Math Primary Mathematics US Edition level (Example: 2A & 2B). Home instructor guides can be purchased to help you work with your children on the math assignments throughout the week and view the answers. Please email the director with any questions about purchasing math curriculum.

Here are the lists of Cathy Duffy reviews on math curriculums: