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Language Arts Classes

Please Note: Tuition covers the full year. All classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please see our dates & schedules.

Secure Forum: All MHS classes have a secure interactive forum to communicate with tutors, parents and classmates. Tutors will use this platform to communicate about classwork and assignments.

Parents and students access the forum by signing into the website using the username & password created on the membership form and clicking on "forum".

Assignments: Homework is assigned on our interactive course forums.

Language Arts: 2nd - 4th

We will focus on reading works of literature designated for the age group, with a concentrated attention on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the art of storytelling. Students learn key concepts and skills of phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, composition, with an added focus on individual creative expression. Each week’s lessons utilize literature-- including short poems, song lyrics, fables, pictures/memes, and word games-- to practice the concepts and review. Students will also develop vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills through brief writing assignments.

Additional Homework: Placement tests determine which curriculum you need to purchase for each child to complete their homework on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next year. There are two options we suggest to help work on skills outside of class. You can print and administer the placement tests at the following links below.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Suggested schedule for each lesson: Monday (Days 1 & 2), Wednesday (Days 3 & 4), Fridays (Day 5 & Review)


The Good and the Beautiful: Suggested schedule is to complete one lesson each week broken up into thirds.


**Students will be provided with a language arts binder for the year to organize their class work.**

US History & Literature: 5th - 8th

US History and Literature for the 5th to 8th grade students will combine two resources that reinforce each other: Learning American History Through Literature and Paragraph Writing for Kids. For American History, we will start with Unit 1: the Colonial Period (1607-1763) and end on Unit 7: Post Post Years (1945-1968). Each unit is organized into seven different elements that make up a story starting with the Prologue (introduction) and ending with the Epilogue (rounds up what you read). There will be chapter books assigned to read as a class for each unit.

We will use Paragraph Writing for Kids as a guide for Language Arts to write five essays, including Describing a Scene, Narrating an Event, Persuading the Reader, Explaining a Task and Establishing a Preference. The topics will come from the historical stories and chapter books we read throughout the year.

**Students will be provided with a history binder for the year to organize their class work and homework.**

**Chapter Books to Purchase: This will be communicated throughout the year.**

Additional Homework: We recommend using a spelling and grammar workbook to continue fine tuning additional language arts skills at home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You can purchase a grade level Spectrum Language Arts or Evan-Moor Daily Language Review workbook for your student.
In addition, you can purchase a Spectrum Spelling or Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills workbook in the 5th or 6th grade level.

US History & Literature: 9th - 12th

1 Credit: US History

1 Credit: US Literature

High school students will study 9 units of American History: Colonial Roots; Revolution and Early Republic; Nineteenth-Century Development, Parts 1 and 2; Civil War and Reconstruction; The Rise of Industrial America; The Progressive Era, WWI, and Roaring '20s; The Great Depression, WWII, and Post-War Issues; and Recent American History. Each unit is organized by assignment types, including primary documents, geography map work, a spotlight session, and a project. We will have select assignment types for each unit.

You will need to buy at a bookstore or borrow from a public library a list of novels and plays including The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass; a movie called The Civil War by filmmaker Ken Burns from PBS, and a play A Raisin in the Sun, in a movie (1961) to name a few.

Paragraphs, essays, and research papers for Language Arts will be on topics covered in the American History binder. Students will follow the writing process to create solid assignments based on how to think, not what to think in history. 

**Students will be provided with a binder for the year to organize their class work and homework.**

**Chapter Books to Purchase: This will be communicated throughout the year.**