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Steven Luboniecki To All Instructors

Steven Luboniecki is a retired adjunct professor and high school teacher heading up programs such as Advanced Placement Physics and Industrial Maintenance.  He has many years of experience establishing technical training programs and educational courses.  His Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) in Flint, MI. Steven currently resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his wife, Sudi, and their rescued racing greyhound, Backwoods Reba. 

Current Classes
Math: Tutoring: 1st - 5th – (closed)
Math: Tutoring: 6th - 9th – (closed)
Science: 1st - 5th – (closed)
Science: 6th - 9th – (closed)
Math Tutoring: 5th - 8th Grade – (open)
Math Tutoring: 9th - 12th Grade – (open)
Science: Conceptual Physics: 9th - 12th Grade – (open)
Science: Matter, Motion, Energy and Light: 2nd - 4th Grade – (open)
Science: Matter, Motion, Energy and Light: 5th - 8th Grade – (open)
Wednesday Option: 2nd - 12th Grade – (open)