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Peggy Swann To All Instructors

Peggy Swann has taught college-level English courses at Middle Tennessee University (MTSU) and Nashville State Community College (NSCC); owned and operated Learning Systems, Inc., tutoring Japanese middle and high school students in History, Science, and Language Arts; and and is also substituting at Murfreesboro City Schools, grades 1-6 in Social Studies and Language Arts.

She holds a Master's degree in English Literature and a Bachelor of Science degree in English and Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. 

She loves the outdoors, yoga, and hopes to return to paddling white water rivers in East Tennesse.

Current Classes
History: Modern: 6th - 9th – (closed)
History: Pre-Modern: 1st - 5th – (closed)
Language Arts: 1st - 5th – (closed)
Language Arts: 6th - 9th – (closed)
History: Modern: 2nd - 4th Grade – (open)
History: US History: 5th - 8th Grade – (open)
History: US History: 9th - 12th Grade – (open)
Language Arts: US Literature: 5th - 8th Grade – (open)
Language Arts: US Literature: 9th - 12th Grade – (open)