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Fees for 2019 - 2020

  • The New Website Registration / MHS Explorers Membership Fee of $25 is due when you request membership in MHS.

  • The Annual Family Membership fee to register for tutorial and/or cooperative classes is $125 per family.

  • Fall Registration Closes August 1st 2019: All class & supply fees will be put on a payment plan through November 2019. (These fees cover Fall and Spring Semesters)

  • Spring Semester 2020 Registration Closes December 1st 2019: All class and supply fees due in full by December 1st 2019.

  • You must login each month and pay your invoices manually. You can find them by logging in and clicking on "Accounting" and then "Invoice & Payment Details".

  • The earlier you register the smaller your payments.

  • All payments must be made via our online payment system on the website.

  • Class and Supply Fees cover both Fall Semester 2019 and Spring Semester 2020.

  • Please see our Fees Policy in the Handbook HERE

  • BONUS: Every child that is registered for a minimum of 1 Paid Class gets a Free MHS T-Shirt!

MembershipFee Per Family

New Website Registration &

MHS Explorers Membership for Access to

Field Trips & Off-Site Events Beginning Today


Annual Family Membership Fee for Access to

Class & Club Registration and ALL Events &

Field Trips


Other Fees (For Aug 2019 - May 2020)Fee

Annual Boys & Girls Club Fee

  • Every Child 5 years & older by 9/1/2019
  • Sign up on Class Registration Page
  • Due August 1st
$40 per child

Background Check Fee

  • Every Adult on site at MHS
  • Paid to IdentoGo directly
  • Not Required for Drop-Off Parents
$30.15 per adult

Class Fees / Tuition (per child for the year)

  • Payment plan through November 2019
  • Added to class fee in payment plan
$250 - $315 per class

Class Supply Fees (per child for the year)

  • Payment plan through November 2019

On Average

$20 - $40 per class

Club Only Fee

  • Not Registering for Classes
  • Not Leading Clubs
$150 per family

Club Only Fee - Club Leader

  • Not Registering for Classes
  • Minimum of 14 Hours of Leading Clubs
$50 per family

Club Supply Fees (per child for the year

$10 - $15 per club

Drop-Off Options (Cover Aug 2019 - May 2020)

 Annual Fee

Drop Off Fee - Mondays Only (8 years & Older)$50 per child
Drop Off Fee - Fridays Only ( 8 years & Older)$50 per child
Drop Off Fee - Mondays & Fridays (8 years & Older)$100 per child
Study Hall Fee (11 years & Older)$25 per child

Annual Volunteer Hours Per Family

(Not Required for Drop-Off Families)

Minimum Hours

Mondays Only


Fridays Only


Mondays & Fridays