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How To Register

OK! I am signed up to the website and ready to register for classes and clubs….

How do I do that? Great question - Let’s get started!

1. Log on to the website. The login spot is at the bottom of the home page.

2. Then we need to get to the Class Registration page. You will either see “Class Registration” on a list of options across the top of your home page or it will be under the main menu, accessible by clicking on the 3 lines on the left side of the page.

3. Before we look at classes & clubs, let’s get our registration fees taken care of. The first item on the Class Registration page is The Boys & Girls Club Fee. Click the field and the space will expand to show your name and your child(ren)’s name(s) listed below the register button. Click the box next to each child’s name who will be 5+ by 9/1/19.

4.    The second item is the Annual Family Membership Fee. When you expand this item, all of your children will be listed, but because this fee is per family - PLEASE ONLY SELECT ONE CHILD! (Due April 30th for the Early Bird Special)

5. Below those fees are the Club Only fees and the Drop Off fees. 

  • If you are registering for Clubs Only please select one of the following:

    • Club Only Fee - Not Leading Clubs: If you are not going to lead any clubs, the Club Only Fee is $150 per year for your whole family.

    • Club Only Fee - Club Leader: If you are going to lead clubs for 14 hours or more please select club leader option as you get a $100 discount on the Clubs Only Fee for a total of $50 per year for your whole family.
    • Please select only one family member as this fee is PER FAMILY.

  • If you are registering for Drop-Off, please select all children that will be using this option on each day they will be dropped off. For Drop-Off Monday & Friday please select all applicable children for both days.

6. Beyond those are the classes and clubs - Click on a class/club that you are interested in and expand the space for a full description and download the syllabus. Read these carefully to make sure you select the appropriate grade or day of the week.

  • Class fees are automatically put on a payment plan of equal monthly payments due on the 1st of each month through November 1st.

  • Club fees are automatically put on a payment plan of 3 equal payments. That will change in June as they are due in full by August 1st.

7. Check the box by the child’s name that you wish to enroll in that class/club. If you want to be a Tutor Assistant for that class or Leader for that club, check your name as well!

8. Once you have added all the classes & clubs you want, click “Class Registration Summary” at the top right of the page to see everything you have signed up for and the costs.

9. Below the total cost/payment instructions is a button labeled “View Statement of Account to Pay”. Click this button!

10. The first fee listed at the top will be the Annual Family Membership Fee. Check the box next to this fee and click “Continue” just above it. Paying this fee will complete your registration!
Please Note:

  • All club fees are due in full by August 1st
  • All class fees are due in full by November 1st