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How To Register

OK! I am signed up on the website and ready to register for MHS…. How do I do that?

Great question - Let’s get started!

Step 1. Getting to the Registration Page

First we need to get to the registration page. The page will look different depending on what type of device you are using.

  • Desktop computer or iPad:  Look in the blue header line and click on "Registration" and then click on "Register Here".

  •  Click on "Register Here" and then"Registration" Mobile device (smartphone):  Access the main menu on the left side of the screen by clicking on the 3 lines.  

Step 2. Member Participation 

If you have children participating in the tutorial, please click on "Tutorial Classes". Once this item is expanded, click the box next to all of your children who will be participating,  then click "Register".

Repeat this process for the cooperative by clicking on "Cooperative Classes".

Step 3. Membership Fee

  • All families must pay an annual family membership fee. The MHS Membership is $100 per family/per year. This allows you to register for tutorial and/or cooperative classes as well as participate in our field trips and events.

  • Click on "MHS Membership".

  • When you expand this item, all of your children will be listed, but because this fee is per family - PLEASE ONLY SELECT ONE CHILD!

Step 4. Boys & Girls Club Fee

This fee is for all children on site at the Boys & Girls Club 5 years and older by 9/1/20. Click the field and the space will expand to show your name and your child(ren)’s name(s) listed below the register button. Click the box next to each child’s name who will be 5 years or older by 9/1/20.

Step 5. Drop-Off Fees

If you are registering for Drop-Off, please select all children that will be using this option on each day they will be dropped off. For Drop-Off Monday & Friday please select all applicable children for both days.

Please note that if you are planning to participate in the cooperative classes you must be on site during those hours.

Drop-Off is only applicable for tutorial classes and is only available for children age 8 and older.


  • You cannot remove classes/selections from your registration once you click "Register".

  • Class and supply fees are automatically put on 5 month payment plans.

  • Registration is a commitment to the class(es) for the year.

  • Time changes on the schedule may be made if a class does not meet the minimum enrollment to accommodate the tutors and classes offered.

Step 6. Registration

Beyond the Fees matrix are the tutorial and cooperative classes for Mondays and Fridays - Click on a class that you are interested in and expand the space for a full description. Read this carefully to make sure you select the appropriate level or day of the week.

For each class that you choose, click the box by the child(ren)’s name that you wish to enroll in the class and click "Register". Then move onto the next class.

    Step 7. Volunteering

    Once you have added all the classes you want, scroll down to the Volunteer Positions matrix. If you are a tutorial parent/guardian, this is where you will sign up for your preferred volunteer position(s).

    Please see the chart below to determine how many volunteer positions & hours you need.


       All Families On Site   

     Volunteer Position Hours 

    Mondays Only

    1 hour-long volunteer position 

    (28 weeks = 28 hours)

    Fridays Only

    1 hour-long volunteer position 

    (28 weeks = 28 hours)

    Mondays & Fridays

     2 hour-long volunteer positions 

    (28 weeks = 56 hours)

    ** Parents/Guardians with children requiring special assistance and those with small children please email the director for accommodations. We are happy to work with your family’s needs.

    Step 8. Managing Your Class Registrations

    Once you finish with the volunteer positions, click “Manage Class Registrations” at the top right of the page to see everything you have signed up for and the costs.

    Step 9. Statement of Account

    Below the total cost/payment instructions at the bottom of the page is a button labeled “View Statement of Account to Pay”. Click this button!

    Step 10. Completing Your Registration

    The first fee listed at the bottom will be the first half of your MHS Membership ($50). Check the box next to this fee and click “Continue” just above it.

    Paying the first half of your Membership Fee will complete your registration!

    Step 11. Paying Your Invoices

    Once you pay your membership fee click on "Accounting" to identify your first batch of invoices due. Please note the due date and pay those invoices on or before the date listed.

    Please Note: Fee page details due dates and payment plan options.