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Aimeeth Lopez To All Instructors

 Aimeeth is the proud mother of a daughter and a son. One of her passions is working in the community. She has experience working with children of different backgrounds since she was 17 years old. In her home country of Puerto Rico, she was a tutor for almost 3 years. Throughout that period she taught and helped public and private school kids with their homework and learning needs. She also was a summer camp leader and part of different organizations with the mission of serving the community.

Aimeeth graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in 2009 completing her Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Psychology. She finished her studies in 2016 with a Master Degree in Psychological Counseling from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. In 2017, her family relocated to Shelbyville,Tennessee and she began homeschooling their daughter. The thing that Aimeeth enjoys most is spending time with her family. Some of her other passions include, being in nature, learning Yoga and dancing to any kind of music, especially Salsa. 

Current Classes
Spanish Level 1: 5th - 8th – Instructor (open)
Spanish Level 2: 5th - 8th – Instructor (open)
Spanish: 1st - 4th – Instructor (open)