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Clubs for 2019-2020

MHS clubs are led by parents or tutors and are FREE for members with the exception of their minimal supply fees for the year. Please log in and visit our Class Registration page to sign up for the clubs.


Help Make Clubs Possible!

It takes parents to make the clubs happen and we love the community created by having involved parents! So be sure to sign up as a parent in the club or clubs you would love to lead on registration. We offer flexible options to lead one or multiple clubs for 7 weeks, 14 weeks, 21 weeks or the full 28 weeks. After signing up as a parent in the club/clubs, you’ll be contacted by the Club Support person at MHS to determine your availability and receive the dates you will lead along with further assistance for planning your club activities. Thank you in advance for helping make clubs a fantastic part of the MHS experience!

Please Note: ALL students participating in clubs will need their parents to be with them. The only exception to this is National Ocean Science Bowl Club.