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Spring 2019 Fees

Fees Policy

  • All MHS fees are Non-Refundable.
  • Annual Family Membership Fee: This fee pays for expenses including but not limited to insurance, supplies, marketing, tax preparation and administration.
  • Boys & Girls Club Fee: This fee goes directly to the Boys & Girls Club of Rutherford County for use of their space.
  • Drop Off Fee: This fee is for parents to drop off their children 10 years and older.
  • Class Fees: These fees pay for expenses including but not limited to tutors, class supplies and registration fees.
  • Due to the fact that classes are contingent on meeting minimum required students, invoices will ONLY be adjusted if a class gets CANCELED.
  • Returned Check Fee: $25 - First Returned Check, $35 - Any Additional Returned Checks


Spring Semester 2019 Fees

  • Family Membership Fee: $50 for Spring 2019 
  • Boys & Girls Club Fee: $40 Per Child 5 years & Older 
  • Drop Off Fee: $50 Per Child 10 years & Older  


  • Background Check Fee: $32 Per Adult On-Site. Paid directly to IdentoGO. (Instructions on FAQ Page)


  • Class Fees: Per Child / Per Class are on the Class Registration Page HERE. Click on each class to see the description and fee.