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Monday Cooperative for 2019-2020

MHS cooperative classes are led by parents and are FREE for members with the exception of their minimal supply fees for the year. Please log in and visit our "Registration" page to sign up.

Please Note: ALL students participating will need their parents to be with them. Parents take turns leading each week.

Fitness Fun: 9:30 – 10:20 AM

It’s time to get active and have some fun with your friends. In this cooperative class, kids will learn various fitness and gross motor skills such as jumping rope, dribbling, throwing and catching as well as the hand eye coordination involved in racquet, frisbee and ball related games. They will learn how to play team games where lessons of good sportsmanship, cooperation, and strategy will come into play. And most of all they will get their daily exercise while having fun!

  • Supply fee: $10 per child

  • To help cover the purchase and replacement of needed items such as exercise mats, balls, jump ropes, frisbees, racquets, wristbands, cones, bases, soccer goals.

Young Scientists A: 10:30 – 11:20 AM Young Scientists B: 12:15 – 1:05 PM

This cooperative class is great for the curious student who loves to investigate the world around them. Kids will have the chance to pose questions and use the scientific method to find the answers just like a real scientist. Topics may include plants and animals, space, the oceans, weather, chemistry, physics, and geology. Students can do fun tests and experiments along with their friends to get answers to their many questions about the world!

  • Supply Fee: $15 per child

  • To help cover the purchase of materials for experiments and activities as well as the printing of worksheets and visual aids.

Young Artists: 1:15 – 2:05 PM

It’s time to get creative and practice all kinds of art skills in an encouraging and fun environment. Kids will have the opportunity to paint, draw, craft, and sculpt with various types of materials. Sometimes they may attempt to recreate the work of a famous artist, or they may practice recreating what they see in books and objects staged in the room. Other times they may just create something from their imagination. Whatever the task, kids are sure to exercise their potential artistic talents, learn new things, and have fun with their friends!

  • Supply Fee: $15 per child

  • To help cover the purchase and replacement of needed art items such as paper, colored pencils, paint, brushes, clay, chalk, and charcoal.

Parents Make Cooperative Learning Possible!

It takes parents to make the cooperative classes happen and we love the community created by having involved parents! So be sure to sign up for the cooperative classes you would love to participate in. After signing up, you’ll be contacted by the Cooperative Coordinator at MHS to receive the dates you will lead along with further assistance for planning. Thank you in advance for helping make the cooperative classes a fantastic part of the MHS experience!