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Cooperative Classes 20-21

Please Note: All students participating will need their parents to be with them. Cooperative classes do not have a class fee or supply fee.

All families enrolled will teach on a rotating schedule developed by the Cooperative Coordinator and provide all the supplies for the class when teaching their lessons.

Secure Forum: All MHS classes have a secure interactive forum to communicate with tutors, parents and classmates.

Parents and students access the forum by signing into the website using the username(s) & password(s) created on the membership form and clicking on "forum".

Cooperative Class Offerings for 2020-2021

Note: Classes will begin October 12th 2020. A planning meeting will be held in September 2020, where parents of the children in each class will develop a teaching schedule of dates and topics that will be covered. 


9:30 am - Creative Hands
In this class, students will have the opportunity to build and create.  Some projects may include themes and challenges using building toys.  Other projects may involve solving a problem, building something practical, or crafting a work of art with real world materials.  The areas of STEM and handicrafts will be explored.

10:30 am - Life Essentials
This class will combine learning in the areas of fitness, life skills, and hobbies. On a given week, students may learn various activities for an active lifestyle, share a hobby of their choice with their peers, or engage in life skills projects. Life skills may include any home skills, social skills, or work skills.  Ideas include: meal preparation, laundry, lawn care/gardening, event planning/hosting, organization, cleaning, home maintenance, communication skills, conflict resolution, making friends, etc. 

12:15 pm - Sports and Games
Students will participate in a variety of activities ranging from board games and card games to outdoor games and sports. This class offers them a group opportunity that they would not have at home as well as the chance to introduce their peers to some of their own favorite games. 

1:15 pm - Exploring the Arts
Students in this class will participate in various activities that engage them in music, art or dance.  They may study artists, choreographers, or composers and then try out some of the techniques or concepts learned from their work.  


9:30 am - Literature Adventures
In this class, students will read books at home and come back prepared to engage in fun, learning activities related to the stories, settings, and characters.  These activities may involve science, social studies, geography or art. By reading the same stories as their peers, they will be encouraged to become more engaged with the material and gain an enriched learning experience from it.  The style will be similar to Five in a Row and other literature based unit studies. 

10:30 am - Cultures and Countries
Students will have the opportunity to virtually travel the world to explore climates, landforms, habitats, and people groups.  Each week hands on activities, projects, and perhaps even guests can be included to solidify their learning of that particular region of the globe.

12:15 - 2:05 PM - Community Theater Program

We do not have cooperative classes planned the second half of Fridays as we are starting a community theater program. 

We have a fantastic year planned for students who wish to be involved in the performing art of theater. We will have opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of theater from stage performance to set design, costuming, props and production.

The class will begin as a basic intro to theater where students will learn the basics of putting on a theater production. From there, students will divide into their areas of skill and interest - set design, performance, staging (costuming, props and makeup) or production (sound, lighting, and special effects).

Note: We are looking for parent volunteers who are skilled in these areas to enhance our program.

Those remaining in the performance segment of the program will continue to learn the basics of theater performance until the time of auditions. During auditions, some students will be selected as performers in the spring production and others will either continue in the Theater Skills segment where they can grow their potential for upcoming theater productions in our community or be asked to join one of the theater production teams. Performing students will be responsible for providing their under garments and costume accessories (shoes, tights, hair bows, socks, gloves, hats).

Note: We are looking for parent volunteers who can help facilitate the theater skills portion of the program.

The spring production will be a non-musical production chosen from the following; Jungle Book, Treasure Island, Puss in Boots and Charlotte’s Web. The production will be selected after enrollment has closed and we know who our participants will be. The date and location of the performance is currently TBD but will be known by the first date of class. It will be held in the community in April 2021 with the possibility of multiple performances. Tickets will be sold for $5 each as a fundraiser for next year’s theater program.

Pre-Requisites: None

Class Fee: $150 per child

Parent Volunteers: $50 discount per child. **You must sign up for both "Theater Volunteer" hours on the registration page and actively help for the full two hour program each week. Once confirmed, your discount will be manually applied to the invoices.**

Supply Fee: Under garments and costume accessories for performers.